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Texas Medicine is where Dallas meets M*A*S*H. It is the story of a physician who is overwhelmed with his work and trapped in a dead marriage. During the summer of 1990, he confronts the murder of a colleague, the life threatening illness of a friend, the theft of his vehicle, and the surreal world of a malpractice suit. When he decides to end his marriage, he is caught in the maw of the family court system. Just as he scrapes emotional and financial bottom, he is recalled to active duty in the United States Navy for Operation Desert Storm. In Saudi Arabia he is befriended by a fearless orthopedic surgeon who puts them in harm's way. As the war winds down, he is offered a plum position at the premier Naval Hospital in San Diego.


AN ENGROSSING NOVEL: "This was an engrossing novel, the story of a doctor called out of his practice into active duty. But, far more than that, it vividly took us through all this young physician went through: from his callup out of the reserves into his role in active duty. He did this with honor and no rancor at having to close his practice. Physicians are not normally in the line of fire, but this physician was and performed heroically.The book was especially wonderful as it depicted his making lemonade out of lemons. He was in the throes of a bitter divorce and the horrible time he had with this is described with such poignancy that one can really feel his pain. It was only his return to active duty that helped him through this horror.Ironically, his callup and loss of his practice was the start of a beautiful new life for him in many ways.
And yes, I enjoyed reading this book and learned from it.” By Amazon reviewer “DE", January 23, 2014

JUST DAMNED GOOD READING: "From the outset I knew this would be a good book. The author has his details down and knows his subject, medicine, well. He weaves a terribly plausible horror story of a marriage gone sour but replaced by true love from an unlikely source. Woven into the fabric of the novel is the, again plausible, service in the military which many of use have experienced. This is not a story about a hero and a heroine in a situation just dreamed up and with no continuity. It is about a doctor that you may have seen at some time, without having a clue who or what he is about. It is the story of what this doctor has to give up to return to sanity, about what he has to give up to ultimately preserve and regain his family. This story flows and could easily be true somewhere, sometime.” By Amazon Reviewer "Okie Doc", November 17, 2011

A STELLAR FAST-PACED READ: "What a thought-provoking read! Do we have the power to find our own happiness and personal satisfaction in life? Texas Medicine by Zack Miller tells the tale of Steve Marcus, a doctor entrapped amidst a life filled with despair, burned out by the grind at work, a bitter divorce and onslaught of lawyers. He is, at his core, a responsible and compassionate man, though not without human flaws. Yet, these troubles he experiences connect us in a real way to him, compelling us to feel sympathy for the depth of his emotional pain and later applaud his determination to live a life of his choosing, rather than one that is dictated to him. Through unexpected life-changing turn of events after being called to service, an unlikely savior and the healing power of unconditional love, Steve emerges from his darkest personal abyss, a renewed man. I could not put the book down. Quite simply put, it is one of the most moving character portrayals that I've encountered in a while. Buy it, read it and enjoy it.”  By Amazon Reviewer “MQD" on November 22, 2011

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